How to stay fit and healthy

A routine of healthy habits and subsequently developing a healthy life style is very important for a person to lead a fit and well balanced life. Healthy habits or any such behavior helps contribute towards improving your mental, physical and emotional health as well. it is certainly true that, initially they can be hard to adapt to, hard to develop and would require altering your mind set too to some extent, but the impact in the end can be very profound. They also help improve your life, as well as make you feel good about yourself as well. So this article will take you through some of the best tips on how to say fit and healthy and what advantages do they bring in to your life by practicing them on regular basis.

1- Eat a healthy balanced diet.

Healthy diet

Although this may sound very redundant and cliche, but having a healthy and a well balanced diet with just the correct amount of all nutrients is absolutely necessary in one’s life. It is really important to cut back on all such foods that are part of our diet which contribute towards deteriorating our health. Taking a thoughtful step towards a healthy life, such as incorporating healthy fat (such as polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat) and cutting back bad fats from the diet, such as saturated and trans fat, can actually help make a lot of difference. A healthy diet is always focused more towards gaining as much nutrient from fruits, vegetable and whole grains, as possible, rather than opting for a meat option.

To incorporate this, you can start off by including a little piece or a small variety of fruits in every meal, and choose to snack on them rather than consuming crisps and cookies at odd times, which also help gain a lot of unnecessary body weight. Apart from that, try to keep red meat consumption at a level as low as possible, and rather opt for white meat, such as fish or chicken. And opt for more healthier and less refined counterparts such as whole grain, brown rice, and whole wheat bread etc. one of the most commonly prevailing trends these days is the inclusion of store bought, unhealthy snacks and fast food in the everyday meal regime. These types of unwholesome food should first and foremost be cut down from the diet, as they have high amounts of sodium and bad fat which could again increase your cholesterol levels, make you gain weight and cause issue such as high blood pressure levels etc.

2- Exercise Daily

Fitness and Exercise

As much as it is important to maintain a healthy diet, it is equally important to incorporate some form of physical activity as part of your daily routine. Even though it can be really difficult to find the time sometimes, but starting off from shorter periods such as 5 or 10 minutes and then gradually increasing it to around 30 minutes can also do the trick. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a strictly workout regime, but it could also be any sort of physical activity or sport that you really enjoy, such as swimming, dancing, bike riding, soccer, gymnastics, yoga, Zumba etc. One of the biggest motivations can be doing it with someone, so having a partner to join in on your exercise time could also help a lot.

3- Work towards maintaining a healthy weight

Healthy Weight

It can not really be stressed upon enough how important it is to maintain and keep your weight within check. If you are overweight, then that automatically makes you more prone towards chronic diseases. Obese people are at a higher risk of developing issues such as poor bone density, high sodium levels, heart diseases etc. it is because of this reason that the dieticians recommend not to consume calories above that which is required for the day. This can itself help improve your health to a great extent. For this you can switch your unhealthy snacks and refined products from your eating habits, with healthy options such as fruits, vegetables, protein bars, milk shakes etc. you can also choose to eat slowly and in smaller portions in order to avoid eating above of what is required for the day. Apart from that, you can also fix a time for some form of mental and physical exercise daily. Limiting the screen time, such as in front of television, laptops and phones etc.  and investing that time in a hobby can help give your mental health a really good boost. This way, you will not have to specifically work towards and spend hours and days shedding off those extra pounds. Having a healthy regime not only improves your weight and health, but also brings value to your life, and improves the quality of it.

4- Eliminate smoking from your life completely

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If smoking is an element of habit in your life, then this is one of the greatest deteriorating factors of your life. This is harmful habit that people indulge in themselves and make their lives worse on their own. Quitting smoking is actually the best thing that you can do for yourself. Even though it may sound and look very difficult to achieve initially, but it is not something impossible to do, because there are thousands of people that are stepping towards a better life every single day and quit smoking.

5- Keep a check of your water intake

Water Intake

This is the absolute and most safest way to benefit your body without doing much. It is recommended to at least have 8 glasses of water every day. Water intake provides a range of benefits, ranging from preventing headaches, boosting immune system, improving the complexion of your skin, to flushing out toxins from the body, prompting weight loss (depending upon the body type) and increasing brain power and providing energy. More often than not, the notion of drinking is very easily from the aspect of staying fit and healthy, which should not really be done.

6- Meditate


In this fast paced age of today, the stress levels are increasingly high at all times in every one, whether it be a young adult wondering how to pay off that student loan, or a middle aged man trying to figure out the best possible investment to secure the future. To alleviate some of that stress, it is advisable to devote some time of your day to meditation. This will help relax the mind and bring down the stress levels too. Meditation greatly helps reduce anxiety levels and keeps your mind collected and composed which in turn helps keep your body poised and collected too. This also has a great effect on your thought process, as it streamlines the thinking process in your mind.

7- Get Enough Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

In order to keep your mind fresh and your body running with full energy, it very vital that you get a good amount of sleep, usually which is recommended for around 7-8 hours for adults, and around 9-10 for young children. Getting a good night’s sleep helps improve memory, makes you more alert and keeps you vigilant. It also helps reduce inflammation, makes you lose weight, relaxes your muscles and also reduces the risk of worsening your depression if you are suffering from one. A good and well maintained sleep cycle also helps improve the heart health and better regulates the blood sugar levels in the body.

8- Keep Good Company around you

Good People around you

Generally, having good and loving people around you also has an overall impact on your well being. Therefore, to keep yourself free from external factors that trigger your stress level or disturbs your mental peace, it is important to keep yourself surrounded with good people, that help uplift your mind and are a source of motivation for you towards a better life, as compared to those who constantly demoralize you and bring you down.

9- Set Goals and objectives for yourself

Set your life goals

To keep yourself motivated towards getting a better and a healthy lifestyle, you should set goals and work out a list of missions that you want to achieve. They can be as small as drinking a certain amount of water during the day, to as big as shedding a particular amount of weight or achieving a certain type of body. This will not only help you fulfil your particular goals, but also give you a sense of accomplishment, which will work as motivation for your next goal.

10- Involve yourself in activities that give you happiness

Activities for Happiness

As much as it important to keep your body fit and healthy physically, it is equally important to keep your mental and emotional health in check and work towards keeping it healthy too. For this you need to indulge yourself in activities that provide you genuine happiness. For some people it may be a hobby such as dancing or playing an instrument, or for some it may as well be spending some quality time with their loved ones.


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