how to eat hemp seeds

Wonders of little Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds have great benefits for your physical and mental health. Its benefits are the core reasons why hemp seeds are getting legal in more and more states of USA and all around the world. Hemp seeds are a great source of protein and contains arginine which is excellent for heart health. Furthermore, the seeds are amazing for digestion and stomach health as they contain a great amount of fiber. The CBD component of the seeds has neuro protective elements which can help people fight neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, the seeds are also very great for skin health, in reducing inflammation and so on.

Certain guidelines for consuming the Hemp seeds

Now, although the Hemp seeds are very beneficial for your health, there are a certain procedure you must follow in consuming the hemp seeds. First of all, you must learn how to store them and when is the correct time to get rid of old hemp seeds to protect yourself from harmful diseases. The average shelf life of hemp seeds is about 3 to 4 months when stored at room temperature, but it can be extended to about 11 months or a year if stored in a refrigerator. Finally, if you are using the seeds after some time, you must sniff the seeds first and if they smell foul, you must waste the seeds as it would be a risk to consume them.

The Hemp seeds can be consumed in multiple ways and one of them is to just simply swallow them with water like you do with tablets. This way, the seeds are pushed down to the stomach very quickly with the help of water. Water also helps in dissolving the seeds quickly and you must make sure that you take warm or room temperature water with the seeds because cold water can cause adverse reaction. The seeds can also be taken with juice or milk just like any medical tablets. However, it is better to just use water to stay on the same side and not getting hurt by any adverse reactions.

Another way to consume the seeds is to sprinkle them on your food. People are fond of sprinkling the hemp seeds over their salads, pastas, soup, pizza, fruits, toast, ice-cream, yogurt, pancakes, breakfast cereals, puddings in their sandwiches, smoothies and so on. You can have the seeds with any food you have. It acts as a great substitute of nuts and is very useful for people with nut allergies. Hemp seed milk is very popular among people who like to have milk with nuts but are allergic to nuts. The crunchy texture of the hemp seeds makes them a great substitute of nuts. Several people even carry a bottle or a bag of hemp seeds along with them so that they can sprinkle the seeds on whatever they eat; the seeds are not only healthy, but also very delicious with their crunchy texture.

A step ahead of the hemp milk is to use that milk in making yogurts, milkshakes, ice-creams and other things that have milk in their recipes. The normal plain milk can be replaced with the hemp milk and the taste would hardly differ from the original recipe.

Another great way to take hemp seed with your food is to use hemp seed oil. However, the oil must not be used for cooking and instead for garnishing and dressing. The reason being that if you cook the oil or use it for frying, its natural omega acids will break down and the benefits of the oil will considerably be reduced. This method of using oil might be irksome as the oil is not easily available and where it is, it is very expensive.

Eating plain hemp hearts just like that without anything is also a popular option practiced by many. They taste great and the crunch feels good in mouth. However, this method can be dangerous because the hemp hearts are so good in eating that you might not be able to stop yourself from consuming very much of those and excessive consumption of hemp seeds can be harmful just like anything when consumed in excess volume.

Another way to consume hemp seeds efficiently is to grind it into hemp flour and use it with normal flour to make pancakes, bread, muffin, cakes, pizza dough and so on. This is your best option if you do not like the taste of hemp seeds at their own. Mixing the hemp flour with normal flour can neutralize the taste and you would hardly feel any difference of the presence of hemp flour.

The hemp seeds can be filled in empty capsules and can be consumed with water or other fluids just like normal capsules that we intake on a daily basis. The empty capsules are easily available at medical and utility stores. The users must make sure to not use old capsules because they might be harmful for your intestines and stomach health as they are usually made up of gelatin. The capsules are great for protection against germs and oxygen that might ruin the hemp seeds. Moreover, if someone does not like the taste or the smell of the hemp seeds, they can easily consume the hemp seeds using a capsule because they do not have any smell nor any taste. You might also add some other ingredients in the capsules along with the hemp seeds in case you want to consume those too as a medication.

Another efficient way to consume your required dose of hemp seeds is to mix the seeds with the coffee beans or tea powder so that whenever you consume tea or coffee, you will automatically get the intake of hemp seeds. Most of us are habitual of tea or coffee or green tea or any other fluid and mixing the hemp seeds with these fluids can be one of the most efficient ways to consume the seeds as you would not have to taste the seeds, nor will you have to worry of consuming the seeds separately everyday.


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