Pink Ribbon Problem, Part 1: “Pinkwashing” the Truth

Welcome to October, everyone! Or, shall I say, Pinktober? Before I begin, I want to show love and respect for the millions of brave women (and men!) fighting breast cancer as I write this. The strength and courage of cancer patients and survivors is nothing short of remarkable, and it makes me so angry that this disease rips apart people’s lives indiscriminately, like a hurricane. … Continue reading Pink Ribbon Problem, Part 1: “Pinkwashing” the Truth

What Can You Do About Chromium-6?

The Environmental Working Group released an explosive report on Tuesday that conveys a shocking truth for over 200 million Americans. The carcinogenic chemical chromium-6 (also referred to as hexavalent chromium), which was made infamous during the 1990’s due to Erin Brockovich and the lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric, is present in water quality samples across the nation. Their article is very well-written, so I’m … Continue reading What Can You Do About Chromium-6?

You + Truth = Self-Honesty

As kids, we all get the same lesson: always tell the truth. We enter society, however, and quickly realize that honesty often has terms, conditions, and fine print. The topic of lying to others (whether of the Little White variety or otherwise) is back burner to a bigger question in my mind, though – why do we lie to ourselves? Mahatma Gandhi tells us, “Happiness … Continue reading You + Truth = Self-Honesty

Product Review: Kiss My Face Deodorant Spray

*Giveaway has ended- thanks for entering! Winners posted in comments.* Well, friends, I’ve recently been hinting about some exciting things in the works at a.healthier.happy, and the time has finally come for the big reveal! Ready? Kiss My Face (maker of naturally-effective, cruelty-free skin care and body products) has just launched its brand new, plant-powered deodorant spray, and yours truly was picked as one of … Continue reading Product Review: Kiss My Face Deodorant Spray