Going Aluminum-Free: A Survival Guide

I’m happy to say that I’ve received quite a bit of questions lately on the topic of making the switch to aluminum-free deodorant products (and I’m sure there are plenty more of you out there with some shy curiosity), so to anyone considering making The Big Switch, this one’s specially for you! Continue reading Going Aluminum-Free: A Survival Guide


Homemade Banana Oat Bars

These little gems are a personal favorite of ours, a little something of my own creation that have been a big hit every time I’ve shared. I’m enjoying one as I type this, so I’d like to share from our kitchen to yours!  I actually came up with this recipe before I was super gung-ho about reading ingredients, so I originally was using Betty Crocker … Continue reading Homemade Banana Oat Bars

Chemical Cocktail: What’s Hiding in YOUR Cleaning Products?

Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve become passionate within the last couple years (the last 10-ish months especially) about clean(er) eating, which has meant many changes in what we buy (or will never buy again, for that matter.) It’s all about holding a higher standard of what you’re willing to put in your body. That being said, I also starting thinking about what goes on our … Continue reading Chemical Cocktail: What’s Hiding in YOUR Cleaning Products?

Allergy Relief from Bee Pollen

My husband and I partake in what some might consider an “unusual” nutritional supplement, so I tend to get a lot of curious, enthusiastic questions about it. I figured I may as well post about it to help out anyone who’s interested, because it sure changed my life! Will it change yours? We bought a NutriBullet in Feb. 2013, and started a new habit of … Continue reading Allergy Relief from Bee Pollen

Welcome to a.healthier.happy!

Hello, and thanks so much for visiting! Welcome! I hope you will enjoy exploring my site and find the content I’ve provided useful and meaningful. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me in the comment section of any post, or you can reach me privately through this contact form. So, where did this all begin? Well, I’d been blogging on … Continue reading Welcome to a.healthier.happy!